What is a Help Center or Knowledge Base?

Exploring the unique roles of Help Centers and Knowledge Bases in customer support.

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between a Help Center and a Knowledge Base is? You're not alone! Both are essential tools for customer support, but they serve slightly different purposes. Let's explore these terms to give you a clearer understanding.

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  1. What is a Help Center?
  2. What is a Knowledge base?
  3. Comparing Help Centers and Knowledge Bases
  4. Who Uses Them?
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

What is a Help Center?

A Help Center is your go-to hub for customer support. It usually comprises a Knowledge Base, FAQs, tutorials, and sometimes even forums.

The Help Center aims to resolve customer queries, troubleshoot issues, and offer helpful tips for effectively using a product or service.

With solutions like Notiondesk, you can create a robust Help Center directly from your Notion documents, making it a seamless extension of your existing workflow.

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What is a Knowledge base?

A Knowledge Base is a more specialized section of a Help Center. It's a curated collection of articles organized by category or topic.

These articles are written in a user-friendly manner by subject matter experts and usually undergo an editorial process before being published.

Comparing Help Centers and Knowledge Bases

While a Knowledge Base is typically a part of a Help Center, it is more narrowly focused on providing in-depth articles for problem-solving.

A Help Center may include other elements like tutorials, forums, and FAQ sections, offering a broader range of support.

Who Uses Them?

Various types of businesses, from e-commerce shops to software companies, can benefit from these platforms.

E-commerce businesses often rely on Help Centers to assist with customer service issues, reducing the need for additional staffing.

Meanwhile, tech companies use Knowledge Bases to provide detailed documentation, effectively reducing the volume of customer queries and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Both Help Centers and Knowledge Bases serve crucial customer service and support roles. While they have different scopes and focuses, they both aim to empower customers with self-service options, ultimately benefiting both the user and the business.


Is a Knowledge Base the same as a Help Center?

No, a Knowledge Base is typically a section within a Help Center focused on detailed articles.

Who benefits the most from these platforms?

E-commerce and tech companies frequently use these platforms to improve customer service and reduce support costs.

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