How does the Notion template work?

How to use the Notiondesk template to manage your Help Center

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The Notion Template by Notiondesk streamlines your Help Center management. It's a neatly organized structure comprising three crucial Notion databases: Articles, Collections, and Languages.

Articles: Your Main Workspace

This is your primary workspace where you'll draft, edit, and manage your Help Center articles.

Key Properties

  • Author: The person responsible for the content
  • Description: A brief summary of the article
  • Last Edited: The most recent modification date
  • Publish Date: When the article went live
  • Language: The language in which the article is written, can be translated into multiple languages.
  • Status: Draft, Published, etc.

article image

Please do not rename or remove properties in the Articles database.

Collections: Organizing Your Articles

Collections help categorize your articles, making it easier for users to find relevant information.

Key Properties

  • Description: What the collection entails

article image

Please do not rename or remove properties in the Collections database.

Languages: Go Global

Our “Languages” database lists the available languages for your articles and collections. If a language you'd like to use isn't listed, please contact us.

article image

Please do not rename, add or remove properties in the Languages database.

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