Use collections to organize your articles

Make collections that customers can easily browse.

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Collections are a great way to help your customers find what they're looking for. You can use collections to organize your articles by topic, making it easier for your readers to browse through related content.

For example, if you have a lot of articles about getting started with your product, create a collection called "Get started." Or if you have a lot of articles that include information about setting up an account, create a collection called "Account."

How to add collection?

On your Notion workspace:

  1. Go to the Collections database and click on "New collection"

    You can find the “New collection” button by clicking on the drop-down button next to New

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  1. Give a name to your collection and add a short description.

    For example, you can add a collection named “Account” with the description “Manage your account and preferences”.

  1. You can translate your collection in your preferred language.

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How to add sub collection?

Previously in "How to add collection?", we added a new collection named "Account".

Seeing how to add the "Account" collection as a sub-collection (or section) of the "Getting Started" collection.

On the Collections database:

  1. Click on the "Sub Collections" property next to the "Getting Started" collection
  1. Choose the "Account" collection to add it as a sub-collection of "Getting Started”

    You can add multiple sub-collections (sections) to a collection.

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  1. That's all!

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