How to add articles to multiple collections?

How it is possible to add an article in multiple collections

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Yes, adding an article to multiple collections is possible, with just a few clicks. Once an article has been added, it will appear in each collections.

Let’s see how! 🚀

Add an article to multiple collections

Go to your Help Center page on Notion, then go to articles page.

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On your articles page, you can modify the collection of an article, click on the “Collection” property and choose the collection(s) to assign to the article.

Here we will put the article “How to add articles to multiple collections?” in the “Help Center” and “Getting Started” collection.

Click on the “Collection” property of the article

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Change the article's collections

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Now the article is in multiple collections 🙌

And it will be visible on your Help Center in each collection!

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Tip: You can add an article in as many collections as you want.

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