Show a table of contents in your articles

Add an outline of your article's structure to make navigation easier for readers.

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To make it easier for your customers to navigate the content of your Help Center articles, you can include a table of contents.

You can do this with the support of the block "Table of contents" in Notion. Let's see how to create a table of contents and how to use it in your articles.

Table of contents 👇

  1. Structure your article with headings
  2. Add a table of content to your articles
  3. Navigate to an article section
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Structure your article with headings

Before adding the table of contents, make sure your article is structured using headings and sub-headings block in Notion, like H1, H2, and H3.

In this way, when you add a table of content, it will automatically be generated from the headings in your article.

Add a table of content to your articles

When editing an article, you can add a table of contents. To do this:

  • Start typing /table of to see the Table of Contents option in Advanced Blocks. Press enter when it's selected.
  • This generates a table of contents showing all your article headings.

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Navigate to an article section

On your help center articles, when you have a table of contents, you can navigate to a specific section using the TOC. Click on any heading in your table of contents, and it will take you to that section of the article.

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